Saturday, 28 August 2010


When I was young I had a sweet love with eyes of Emerald green and Golden hair. We had our innocence and spark. We never left each other's side for almost six years. As we grew older that innocence changed and circumstances warped out of proportion. We were ripped apart.
Recently I found some films I shot in super-8 when I was but a man of Eighteen. This brought back memories. I needed to compile some footage into a visual representation of how I feel about these memories. It is distant but sugar coated nightmare. I call this piece. THE LOLLIPOP GIRL.


Thursday, 26 August 2010

In the beggining there was sound and vision...

My Name is Tobias Alexander Ratcliffe and I am an observer. When I can motivate myself I become a  Creator.

 Some what of a random character and one of flux my intention through this blog is to give you an opening into my life. I don't know what you should expect and I don't know what exactly I expect to post on here but if your lounging comfortably we shall begin.

I LIKE MOMENTS. - Minutes. scenes. People. Places and things. 
Let me show you through some of my snapshots.